Lisa Koenig, DC Best Canine Chiropractor


In the summer of 2009 and after 2 ½ - years of unsuccessful baby making, my wife, Julia, and I arrived at the point where the treatment option presented to us by our doctor made us uncomfortable. The option involved chemicals and injections and were described as ‘aggressive.’ There was something about that option that didn’t feel rights, so we researched and sought a more natural, some would say ‘alternative’ or ‘holistic’ option, which brought us to Dr. Lisa Koenig.

Dr. Koenig used chiropractic and applied kinesiology techniques to promote self healing in both of us, which in turn, promoted fertility and general heath. She prescribed natural supplements, only as needed, and advocated for a nutritional lifestyle adjustment that was achievable. Her demeanor is that of subtle confidence, which fostered trust that the gift that Julia and I wanted for each other was in the making.

After ½ - year of monthly visits for me and bi-weekly visits for Julia, Dr. Koenig performed a muscle test on Julia which indicated a pregnancy. The pregnancy was confirmed by our Kaiser infertility doctor and as of the writing of this testimonial (October 18, 2010), we are well into the third trimester of pregnancy and are expecting a beautiful, happy, health baby girl during the first week of Dec 2010.

Julia and I owe a lot of gratitude to Dr. Koenig for helping us get to where we are, and we feel it would not have been possible without her support.

Julia and Noel
Dr. Koenig’s patient since July 2009

Dr. Lisa Koenig is an excellent chiropractor and whole body healer. I started seeing Dr. Lisa after a car accident, which she helped me recover from. She then saw me through two pregnancies and was able to work with me to get rid of chronic pain. My PCP said that he could not help me do anything for the pain, only prescribe NSAIDs, but with Dr. Lisa’s care and take home exercises it is all gone.

Dr. Lisa also provided some cranial-sacral adjustments to my oldest child to help with nursing. She was very careful and he seemed quite comfortable throughout the entire process. She continues to provide support as needed to my whole family.

I cannot say enough about how much I trust her opinion and care.

Christy H.
Dr. Koenig’s patient since October 2006